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    Please correct these problems if possible before you can add your custom application icon.

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  • Have problems ?
  • Find below some common problems you might encounter while using iCustom :

    Form validation errors
    If you have validation errors, this means that I think that you didn't configure your app shortcut correctly.
    I advise you to correct the errors before continue to the next step.

    Safari usage
    You must use Safari mobile browser to use iCustom and have the ability to add a shortcut on your home screen on the next step.

    Javascript usage
    You must activate Javascript technology on Safari to use iCustom and generate the app shortcut correctly on the next step.

    Picup upload re-opens wrong page
    When uploading a photo using the Picup app throught the « Upload Photo » button, Picup brings the control back to iCustom webpage after file upload.
    If you have more than one iCustom configuration page opened, the control will be given to the first one you opened... Perhaps this is not the one you want !
    Be sure that you have ONLY ONE CONFIGURATION PAGE opened at the same time in Safari.

    Your app doesn't launch
    If the shortcut you add on your home screen doesn't launch your app :
    1/ In "normal" mode : perhaps you don't have the choosen app installed on your device
    2/ For apps with options : perhaps you made a mistake in the options (wrong URL for browsers, wrong phone number, ...)
    3/ In "manual" mode : perhaps you made a mistake in the URL scheme you set

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